What is a Quinceañera?

What is a quinceañera
Every ethnicity and some religions seems to have its own celebrations when a child turns a certain age.  For most “Americans” 16 and 21 are always celebrated with big parties because 16 is when you can start to drive, and 21, well, we all know what that means.  In Jewish law boys and girls also have bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs when they turn ages 12 and 13.  Spanish people also have a coming of age celebration as well, called a Quinceañera.  This happens when a girl turns 15 traditionally, but for Spanish people in the United States this means that a girl has turned 15 years old.  It used to be many years ago that both males and females celebrated a Quinceañera – it was a rites of passage.  This is a celebration that works differently for both boys and girls and these days in modern times it tends to be more for young woman than young men. Continue reading “What is a Quinceañera?”

Is Team Building Important?

Is Team Building Important
If you have a business and you have people working for you or beside you, you might be wondering about ways to bring the team together, boost morale, and have a little fun with them.  One of the ways you can go about this is to try team building exercises and activities.  Depending on what you want to do, your location and what venues are available – you can do indoor or outdoor activities, in office or out of office, as well as regular team building exercises i.e.; trust falls, or something a little more fun and adventurous like kayaking, culinary events or zip lining.  The question here shouldn’t really be IS team building important, but rather why it’s important.  Below, you will find a list of just some of the reasons why team building is so important and different benefits that it can bring to your company and your team. Continue reading “Is Team Building Important?”

Summer Team Building Events

Summer Team Building Events
Well, it’s that time of year again – summer time!  Fresh air, warm sun on your face and corporate team building exercises?!  Well, okay, maybe not everyone is going to be interested in that last part, but if you have a business, are a manager, or you have a team of people that work for or with you, the summer might just be the perfect time to step outside, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy some team building exercises for your team members.  Team building events is about doing fun stuff; going out of the normal everyday routine your team is used to, and having some fun, learning to work with each other, or just playing some legal hooky on a day of filled with some really cool activities.  Summer is a great time for these events because it allows you to go outside and enjoy the weather.  If you are looking for a few ideas for your next corporate events venue in Jersey City, continue reading below for some fun ideas. Continue reading “Summer Team Building Events”

Cool Corporate Team Building Ideas

Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building events might sound like a new term to you, but I can assure you that this is nothing new!  In fact, if you have a business or a company and you’ve been noticing that you have a team that is starting to get overwhelmed with their workload, or they are starting to drag their feet (literally) or you even notice that some team members have interpersonal office issues with other members of the team; corporate team building events are a good option to consider looking into.  Really, these are just team outings.  Yeah, outings outside the office.  It gives your team a chance to take a break, have some fun, and maybe even work out some issues they have between each other.  If you are looking for some corporate team building ideas here are some great ideas from a corporate events venue in Jersey City. Continue reading “Cool Corporate Team Building Ideas”

Common Questions About Insurance

Questions About Insurance
Insurance in general can be a really time consuming and broad subject – one that you may have lots of questions about, but you also might not know how to get these questions answered quickly and efficiently.  In this article we will be going over a few questions and answers regarding a variety of insurance types and plans.  Hopefully you can find your question below and can find a simple non-confusing answer below it! Continue reading “Common Questions About Insurance”

Types of Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance
Life in general can be a complicated time – no matter what age you are.  Life insurance can also be a very complicated and confusing time as well, especially considering all the different plan options that are available out there.  Thankfully even though at first look insurance may seem utterly mind blowing, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you are looking for a way to find out about different types of life insurance, benefits, pros and cons, or just general information, be sure to continue down below for more information on all the different options available and what each one is specifically for.  Hopefully this will give you peace of mine, but also help you choose a plan that really works for you. Continue reading “Types of Life Insurance”

Common Types of Insurance

Types of Insurance
Life is full of risks!  It doesn’t matter if you are driving in a car and get into an accident or you get hurt on the job, getting sick, being ill or being hurt can make it so you might not even be able to earn a living anymore (or temporarily).  This is one of the biggest reasons why insurance is available, and there are all sorts of options available in terms of different facets of your life to protect.  Below, we will be going over the top types of insurance you should have to protect your life, the way you live and the lives of your loved ones.  These types of insurance include; Life insurance, Health insurance, Long-Term Disability insurance and Auto Insurance. Continue reading “Common Types of Insurance”