Up State New York Road Trip Ideas for Fall

Up State New York Road Trip Ideas for FallRemember when you were a kid and your parents would pile the whole family into the old station wagon and take an impromptu day trip to Upstate New York?  If you were really lucky, your father might have turned it into a two-or-three-day event, complete with an overnight stay at a Howard Johnson hotel.   Mom would pack a picnic lunch of sandwiches and a Thermos of coffee or hot chocolate.  A blanket was spread on the ground for this picnic lunch after everyone climbed out of the cramped car to stretch their legs and give Dad a respite from the driving.
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New Jersey Road Trip Ideas for Fall

New Jersey Road TripNew Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the union, but has the eleventh-highest number of people.  In fact it has the highest population density (or number of people for the amount of land) in the U.S.  So here’s a hint – be sure to visit this state in the off season when the tourists have all gone home.

Because the Garden State is so small, it will take you approximately four hours to get from High Point, in the Skylands Region, which is the highest elevation in the state at 1,803 feet, all the way to Cape May Point in the south, but, unbelievably, if you cross New Jersey in an east to west direction, it can be done in just one hour.
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Basic Road Trip Safety

Basic Road Trip SafetyThe movies and television have done a great job of providing entertainment surrounding the details of a road trip gone wrong… at least a half-dozen come to mind and you probably laughed out loud at all of them.  But to avoid encountering a vacation filled with the likes of “Thelma and Louise” or “Road Trip” there are a few precautions before you set out to make that journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.
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How to Pack for a Road Trip

How to Pack for a Road TripAs a driver in a four-season state, you are well aware that you have to be prepared for Mother Nature’s wrath at all times.  Surely there was enough of that fury the past two Winters in New Jersey, when snow and ice entered the equation in early November.  If your folks didn’t counsel you about what emergency gear to carry in the car when you bought your first vehicle, a handy list of items is listed below.  Make sure you have them with you at all times, whether it is day-to-day driving or a road trip.

Don’t let a road trip be daunting

Above all, when renting a car, don’t forget the transfer your emergency items from your car to the rental car!  Of course if you keep your vehicle’s insurance, registration and your driver’s license in the car, as opposed to your wallet, make sure to grab that first, as well as your motor club card so you are covered for any vehicle emergencies.  Most motor clubs permit using the card for other vehicles besides your own.  While you’re transferring those cards to your wallet or purse, make sure to take some cold hard cash with you as well.  You never know where you might develop car woes, and, if it is in a small town, some car repair places do not take personal checks and not all repair shops, will take debit cards or certain credit cards (like American Express), so always ensure you have some cash on hand.

Before the first frost hits, be sure to put your ice scraper, snow brush and a child-sized snow shovel in the back of your car.  It’s always a good idea to carry along a small can of lock de-icer, kept separately in a purse or a bag, if traveling in cold or snowy weather.

You can purchase ready-made auto emergency kits, but it is just as easy to get a tote box or duffel bag and store all your gear in one place.  Your emergency kit should include a variety of items at all times, but in the Winter you should ensure you carry a large warm blanket, extra woolen items (such as gloves or mittens, a hat, scarf and extra socks) to keep you warm in case you are stranded for a long period of time.  These woolen items are designed to keep your extremities warm, but you can also get added protection against the cold, by purchasing portable hand and foot warmers and/or an emergency Mylar emergency blanket at a local sporting goods store to have in your emergency kit.  A cheap plastic rain suit is also handy to keep your clothes dry should you need to exit the vehicle.

If thinking about potential disasters seems to be the theme here, well… it is supposed to sound like that.  As a driver, you must be proactive to ensure you and your vehicle are protected no matter what transpires over the course of your road trip.

You might recall the story that made the rounds on the internet last Winter when a pair of sisters who were traveling together were lost for two weeks after their vehicle got stuck on an unplowed and seldom-used road in a remote area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  They survived on snacks like Girl Scout cookies and a bag of cheese puffs washed down with melting snow.  A few granola bars or high-energy protein bars are a good idea to keep in your vehicle at all times to give you sustenance and it is always wise to bring along some bottled water with your gear.  When the colder temps would freeze that bottled water making it undrinkable, always make sure you have a clean bottle or some type of vessel to melt snow to use as drinking water in an emergency.

Now that you’ve taken care of your personal comfort, you should take care of the car’s needs as well.  Before a road trip, while fueling up, wash and squeegee those car windows to ensure you get a good view of what is going on around you.  Check your oil and check your windshield washer fluid.  Stick a roll of paper towels and another gallon of washer fluid if you have the room for it into the car.  A set of jumper cables to fix a dead battery is a great idea but if you’re stranded and no one is around, it is pretty handy to have a portable battery jumper on hand.  Be knowledgeable about your spare tire, and tire jack should you need it.

You should compile some smaller necessities in a fisherman’s tackle box.  Be sure to put in a flashlight and some extra batteries.  A Swiss army knife, tire gauge, wrench, pliers and a pair of screwdrivers (Phillips head and slotted) could come in handy, as will a pair of heavy outdoor gloves in case you get a flat tire.  A pair of rubber gloves are also handy, as is a rubber mallet, not as a weapon to hit someone on the head with, but, it is handy to have in case you lock bumpers with another car, i.e. a minor fender bender or bumper crunch, not needing the appearance of a wrecker to the scene.  You merely bump the metal out and be on you way, that is… after the necessary groans and auto paperwork are exchanged.  A sign that says “emergency” can be purchased in an auto supply store and you should put it into your back window.  Likewise a white handkerchief tied onto your open car trunk will do the same trick, or, simply keep some flares so that they are at the ready should you need them.

You got this

Now you’re ready to roll… you’ve got all your bases covered, and you’re prepared, just like a Boy Scout.  So grab your sunglasses and your camera and get ready to enjoy your road trip.  Whether you prefer the old-fashioned means of navigation, i.e. a map, you use directions from Google Maps, or rely on a GPS device, they all will serve to get you to your destination.  Do consider having printed-out directions or keeping a paper map on hand in case of internet connection failure.

Now to be extra safe, no matter how many precautions you’ve taken as listed above, do yourself one more favor and listen to what Mom said and don’t pick up any hitchhikers.

Most Popular Wearable Tech For A Bike Tour

Smith Overtake HelmetEvery single year around June, 30 or so bike manufactures gather in Utah to reveal their most high tech and compelling bike products for the upcoming year.  This is a great way to get an idea of what is popular for that year, what’s trending and what people are buying the most of when it comes to wearable tech for bike riders.  If you love technology and you want to include that into your custom bike tour, get ready for some cool products below.  They include everything from wearable tech helmets, Fabric ALM Saddle, BKool Connect Sport Trainer and more.  So exciting!  Check these and much more out below.  Remember, these are all of the popular items for 2015! Continue reading “Most Popular Wearable Tech For A Bike Tour”

Bike Tour Safety

Smith Overtake HelmetIt doesn’t matter who you are or how long you have been riding a bike, there is always that chance of an accident happening.  While your chance does heighten if you don’t follow a few simple tips, it also lessens if you pay attention to these tips and actually use them.  Some of these tips below for bike trips might seem pretty obvious, but you might be surprised at just how many people don’t listen, don’t pay attention or think that this is all a happy goofy activity and there is no chance of an accident happening.  Well, unfortunately the second you don’t think it can happen to you, is when something can happen.  So don’t let this just slide to the side, be smart, follow the tips below and stay safe – no matter if it’s a day trip, weekend trip, or an entire month. Continue reading “Bike Tour Safety”

Bike Tour Destinations in North America

Bike Tour Destinations in North AmericaBike tours are one of those things that you either love or you hate.  It has a lot to do with riding your bike, yes, but it also has to do with so much more than that.  If you love scenic routes, enjoying fresh mountain air, or you just enjoy seeing how the other part of the world lives, you definitely need to check out bike tours around the world, in this case the United States.  North America is not France or Italy, by any means, but we still do have some amazing landscape, history and cultural experiences that anyone would be happy to join in on.  More than that if you love places like France and Italy, you might find that certain North American locations like California or Oregon have all the same dishes you love, but in a more English friendly locale.  If you want to take a look at some of the Top bike tours in North America as far as bike tours around the world are considered, continue reading below for more. Continue reading “Bike Tour Destinations in North America”

Bike Tour Destinations in Europe

Bike Tour Destinations in EuropeEurope is one of those places where you could visit a location a day and die without ever seeing the rest of it.  There are so many destinations that it’s hard to choose which places to visit, but if you like cycling and you love Europe, you might consider a few of the top locations for bike tours around the world, specifically in Europe.  In this list for the best bike tours around the world, we will be including Croatia, Switzerland, and Czech, Austria.  Each bike tour has its own prices and accommodations as well as the amount of miles you will have to bike each day, so be sure to read the entire description and make sure this is a trip that you not only can do, but want to do as well.  Continue reading “Bike Tour Destinations in Europe”

Types of Bike Tours

Types of Bike ToursBike tours are one of, if not the most popular activity these days.  More and more people are getting into cycling because it allows them a little bit of everything – you can find friendships, you can earn health benefits from cycling and you can even see places and go places you’ve never been before.  It’s no wonder why this is becoming a new “hot” thing to do.  When it comes to bike tours around the world, you might think that your options are really limited or you might not know what your options are at all!  Thankfully, if you continue reading below, you will see that in all you have 3 options to choose from; guided tours, self-guided tours and self-supported tours.  Keep reading to find out more about each category of tours. Continue reading “Types of Bike Tours”

Types of Rental Cars

Types of Rental CarsThere’s no doubt that when you’re planning a vacation, you want things to go as chaos-free as possible. Planning a vacation can be a full-time job in itself, especially if you wait too long or don’t have all the important details ironed out ahead of time. Renting a car or a minivan may not seem like such a big deal, but if you don’t rent the right type of vehicle for your needs and you don’t reserve your rental car well in advance of your vacay, you could end up with major trouble on your hands. You could even lose money or precious vacation days trying to find alternative transportation at the last minute. Following is information on car and the different types of rental cars available. Continue reading “Types of Rental Cars”